Vidhya Parthi National Academy

CBSE School



To nurture the inherent talent of children through technical and value based education which incucates their commitment to serve for the society.

Vidhya Parthi National Academy is a CBSE School, which was started as a third institution by the same management of R.K. Educational Trust. We firstly started our Vidhya Parthi Higher Secondary School in the year 2002 as an Institution, aiming to provide valuable education to the society. Secondly we started Aims Nursery and Primary School. Now all the three schools are known as Vidhya Parthi Group of Schools. “Education is a process in which we create our students not only gaining valuable Education but also by challenging their immediate future in a successful manner” Our Founder is Dr. R. Krishnamurthi, M.Ed., Ph.D., the chairman of Vidhya Parthi Group of Schools, Seelapadi, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India. Our Chairman’s Commitment is to enrich the real life spiritually and improve the standard of education to a greater extent. Our Chairman strongly believes that he is chosen by god (almighty) to the ministry of education to serve honesty for well being of mankind. Our Chairman travelled a long journey through the character as a Teacher, Headmaster, an eminent Mathematician, founder and Correspondent of Vidhya Parthi Group of Schools. He has put up with 40 years of teaching experience. Even now he is a lover of Teaching. He comes from a moderate agricultural family and knows the pains and poverty of rural students. He wants to promote the students to a greater level by educating especially those who are coming from rural areas. Vidhya Parthi Group of Schools has laid a strong Foundation among the people by the sincere and responsible services to the society for the past 21 years. The short form of Vidhya Parthi National Academy is VPNA. The aim of starting VPNA is to provide high level education to the students who are aspiring to do National level achievements. That’s why our Management felt that it is inevitable to start a CBSE school in our campus. Now a days the education in national wide is very competitive and so the examinations are conducted under NCERT syllabus. We are having green and clean campus covered with lot of Trees. Natural environment makes our kids learnings to be in a better way possible of gaining both inner and outer childhood skills.